Car Repair – Ticking Sound or Heater Is Not Working

Before you rush to a car repairshop, go through the discussion below. If you are lucky, you can get ideas on how to go about with your problem and probably save yourself from expenses. If nothing below concerns you or your problem, just keep the knowledge in your heart. You might find it useful sometime in the future. Just be proactive in gathering car repair ideas because you never know what’s going to happen next.

A Strange Ticking Sound in the Engine

The ticking sound may sound like a whisper especially when you are about to change oil. Then, it switches to a big tapping sound after replacing the oil or you have installed a new filter. Lastly, the engine is muffled when the weather is cold but warm when the weather is hot. There are three possible reasons.

First, oil pressure between the rocker arm and the camshaft is not right. If this is the case, the valve train and the lifters are moving unnecessarily against one another. That’s where the tapping is coming from.

It is also possible that at the start, when the oil is cold, the lifters are pumped up to their proper level. However, under normal temperatures, the oil’s viscosity drops. Thin oil cannot properly pump the lifters. After many miles of driving, oil is going to break down and it will thicken. This explains why the sound may disappear after long driving.

Just clearly explain to the car repair mechanic the cycle of this ticking sound. Make a good description so he can easily diagnose the problem.

Second, check for the possibility of other mechanical issues. You may be using the wrong filter and if you are using the wrong filter, make sure that you switch to the filter that’s supplied by your manufacturer. Using a wrong filter can result to a lack of engine oil pressure.

The worst possibility is the oil pump needs a replacement. If the problem calls for a replacement, you are not doing any good to the car by driving it for miles and miles. Get a diagnosis soon.

The Heater Is Not Working

Here is what you can do if you feel your vehicle is failing to heat the cabin.

First thing to do is check the temperature of the engine. If the engine does not warm up fast, there can be a problem on the thermostat. The thermostat is the thing that regulates the temperature of the engine. It has a thermal valve inside. This valve closes when the surrounding temperature is cold and opens when it is hot.

However, overtime the thermostat can wear out. When this happens, the valve gets stuck open or shut. This can lead to cool operation or overheating. If this is what’s causing the failure of heating the cabin, you need to replace the thermostat. Go to the manual and check if the replacement can be done within 20 minutes or if it is a job that requires the hands of a car repair expert.