Car Repair – Tips to Make Your Car Live Longer

Every time you go to a car repair shop, make sure that you take advantage of the situation by asking for some maintenance tips. If the mechanic would be honest enough, he can tell you tips that can make you avoid frequent trips to a repair shop. Here are some tips that shops might have a heart to tell you.

Recommended Speed

This is especially for those who are buying a new car. Usually, the manufacturer specifies the speed limit that the car should be driven for the first 1000 miles. That’s what is called the break-in period or the conditioning period and the limit is usually up to 55 mph. Acceleration rpm must also be kept below 3000 for the first three or four hours of driving. Just keep the acceleration light or moderate.

Your dealer may remind you also not to make the car idle during this period. This is because enough oil pressure must be generated so that oil can be sent to all the parts that need it.

Don’t Load Too Much

This goes for all car owners, whether it’s an old or a new car that they are driving. You must know the towing limit of your car and keep the load way, way below that limit. Avoid loading the drive train a towing trailer. Also, think twice if lots of construction materials are going to be loaded on the roof or in the trunk. Remember the law of gravity every time there’s a temptation to load heavy things.

Engine Care

When accelerating, accelerate slowly. Experts say that the most engine wear happens during the first 15 to 25 minutes of accelerating.

If the weather is cold, don’t rush the engine during start. The thermostat must do its job of heating up the engine first. Make sure that you allot at least 5 minutes of heating up during cold weather. However, don’t warm up and leave the car idle at the garage too long. During the warm up, the engine is not operating at its highest temperature. This can result to incomplete fuel burning, oil contamination, development of soot on the cylinder walls, and damaged components in the end. Get the appropriate warming time from your dealer.

Lastly, shift to neutral when caught by a red light. This strategy results to less engine and automatic engine strain. Without doing this, the engine will continue to work by pushing the car even though it is not running.


Stick to buying gas from a reputable station. To choose a good store, ask if they are filtering the gas at the pump and if they have a rule about changing their pump filter on a regular basis.

Remember, not all stations are using filters and some others are not careful about mixing fuel and alcohol. Worse, some of them are watering down their merchandise. Find a trustworthy station and make sure that you stick with them.

Be a good driver and be knowledgeable about your car. This can save you from a lot of headaches and expenditures for repairs.