Car Repair Service Tips – How to Avoid Paying Too Much

It must have been hard deciding whether you will just take matters in your hands or call a technician instead to do the car repair for you. The first option is quite risky while the second requires you to shell out hard-earned money.

But since this is your first time and things in the manual are still too complicated for you to fully comprehend, the second option appears to be the better option. But don’t be in a hurry in getting a car repair service. Many mechanics are out looking for opportunities to make bucks off someone’s vulnerability. Don’t allow anyone to rip you off. Here are some tips.

Get Everything in Writing

Before you let the mechanic touch your car, make it a point that you know exactly what must be done and how much is everything going to cost you. While it is true that you need to leave some room for price adjustments, it is always the case that a good shop knows how much a repair will cost and is able to put every single item in the transaction in writing.

Beware of Extras

Make sure that the quote reflects all things that have to be done to finish the job. For example, once you receive a price estimate for replacing your water pump, ask the mechanic if the quoted price includes the cost of antifreeze filling. Always ask the price of doing a complete job or clarify about the extra jobs that go with the main job.

Avoid Being Oversold

Many unscrupulous car repair shops do everything all at once and hit their customers with a huge bill. The mechanic will try to call your attention to other things that have to be done for your car. That’s the protocol. But once he starts enumerating the items, just remember the main purpose for which you have brought your car to the shop and stick to it. He might be just selling to you things that you don’t really need. Every time there is an attempt to make you buy things that you have not come in for in the first place, it is time to seek a second opinion.

Communicate Well

There are many able mechanics out there and this includes all the mechanics who have started their own car repair service business after having worked for some dealerships for many years. The problem is some of these people are not good businessmen and some still don’t know the art of communicating well. There are cases that because of miscommunication, the mechanic ended fixing up something else and not the problem for which the customer came for. It is imperative that you know your problem well and can help the mechanic understand what it is.

Regular Maintenance

When you bought the car, the manufacturer must have recommended to you a maintenance schedule. Following this recommendation and sticking to a regular maintenance schedule is the cheaper way to maintain your car. It is also less traumatic than waiting until something in your car breaks up.