Don’t Make These Mistakes When You Take Your Car to the Shop!

When your car breaks down and you have to take it to the shop for repairs, you are understandably worried about it. Committing these common mistakes, however, can make things worse and delay car repairs.

  • Failure to communicate. According to mechanics, one of the biggest problems when dealing with car owners is vagueness as to what exactly is wrong. Since it is your car, the mechanic expects you to be familiar enough with it to be able to at least describe the symptoms you’re experiencing with it. Don’t describe what is wrong in general terms such as, “The car is making a weird noise” or “It feels wrong when I am driving it.” The more specific you can be about the symptoms the car is experiencing, the quicker the technician will be able to diagnose the problem and get you back on the road.
  • Not respecting the mechanic. If you have little experience with mechanics, you may stereotype them as semi-skilled characters that learned their craft by tinkering with engines in their garage. Contrary to this old image, however, mechanics who work in most shops, even independent ones, are skilled technicians and specialists who have certifications that testify to their qualifications and level of proficiency in repairing particular makes of cars.
  • Leaving a dirty or loaded vehicle at the shop. By doing this, you are only making the mechanic’s job more difficult, as he will have to spend precious time taking these items out before he can start working on your car. In addition, items might accidentally get lost or misplaced. So show some consideration and clean out your car before you take it to the shop.
  • Expecting a quick turnaround. Unless what is wrong with your car is minor, you should not expect to be in and out of the shop in an hour. If you need your car quickly, then don’t take it to the shop, since the job will likely take some time to be completed. You should expect the car to be in the shop several hours - and that is at a minimum. Keep in mind that, as much as the shop might want to accommodate you, they are busy, and there are other customers that they have to serve as well.
  • Not leaving your contact information with the shop. Reputable auto repair shops will not perform any repair work unless they have your specific permission to do so. If they cannot get in touch with you to get your okay, they will not work on your car and repairs will be delayed. So make sure that you leave your mobile number so that the mechanic or shop representative can get in touch with you if they need to.
  • Watching over the mechanic. If you want to watch while the mechanic works on your car, they won’t mind you doing so, but don’t stand too close and hover over them. Not only are you distracting them, you are also getting in the way of their work. The best thing would probably be to wait in the lounge.