The 411 on Car Repair and Maintenance

In these times, people are choosing to stick to their old car to save a lot of money. This is a wise decision but it also means that there will be expenses for car repairs. As the car gets older, more repairs are in order. The vehicle breaks down as more mileage are racked up. But few make the wiser choice of car maintenance. Most people will say that car maintenance should be foremost on the list. How many car owners regularly take their car for a tune-up or for oil change? Or even for just a regular car check?

Ways to Save on Costs

There are ways that you can use so you would be able save on expensive car repairs. As mentioned, car maintenance should be part of your budget. This way, you have already shaved off half of your car’s repair costs. Here are 3 suggestions that you can follow so you are always within your budget.

  1. Daily Maintenance – With everyday maintenance, you are able to keep your car “healthy”. This avoids further problems just because you forgot to do some basic chores for your car. These basic chores include keeping your car clean inside and out. Checking inside the hood. Making sure that there is enough fluid, water or oil. Testing the tires and what-have-you. Doing these fundamental things is vital to your car’s “health”. Further problems (or accidents) are avoided because you spent a few minutes each day to ensure that the car is running well.
  1. Programmed Maintenance – Aside from the everyday things that you do for the vehicle, there should also be special marks on your calendar for scheduled check-ups. The service center that will be doing the check will clean out things that you missed out on your regular checks. Part of the programmed maintenance is changing of fluids and the like. There will also be some tests for your tires and other parts of the vehicle that need attention. Ensure that you ask your car shop for the next schedule. Be sure that you bring your car back on the specified date.
  1. Car Repairs – This is something that you should not ignore. If there is a need for a car repair at the first signs of trouble, bring it to the service center for advice. If you are advised to have it repaired, ask for a quotation or price estimate. Clarify what kind of repairs are to be done. Be clear as well that you do not want any other work done without your consent. When you to a car repair shop, go to a place that you trust. If you do not have a repair shop that you go to regularly, ask others for their recommendation. Your choice of repair shop should be based on their trust-worthiness and their range of prices.

Which is Better, Repair or Maintenance?

You should not choose one above the other. Both are important for the well-being of your car and your wallet. The secret to great car savings is to shell out some money to save more cash. As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”.