The Most Common Auto Repair Estimates that You Need to Know

These days, everything is already computerized and it is a lot easier to obtain data that you need right away. The same goes with auto repair shops as they can simply obtain repair estimates using estimation software. As a car owner, it is important that you are aware of the services that your vehicle needs, as well as the estimated cost to get them done. Here are the most common things that are usually included in car repair estimates.

The R&I or remove and install process is where a car mechanic takes something off your car and re-installs it later. Some parts that are not damaged may need to be removed temporarily to access another part that is already damaged and needs replacement. This usually happens with a panel when painting must be done or when the electric panel for the window stops working. Sometimes, the molding must be removed from the door during painting and will be put back once the paint dries. Be wary if the panels are being painted but you are not charged for R&I. The shop might be taping them up which could lead to peeling or flaking later on.

The most discretionary item that you can find in an estimate is the repair cost. The mechanic should also indicate the amount of time to complete the repair. This will lead to a negotiation between an insurance adjuster and the technician, especially if it’s about fixing a dent on the car. There is no fast rule on repair so there is a varying length of time to repair the damage. The estimate on the number of hours, however, is necessary so that insurance companies can determine how much they are going to pay the repair shops.

Another important estimate is about the need to replace parts. Although this is not a discretionary item on the estimate, it is often governed by the industry standards or the book time, which is the amount of time it takes to replace a particular part. That will be the number of hours that an insurance company will have to pay – no more adjustments or negations. The variation can only be slight with different software used during estimation.

Sublet is a category in an auto repair estimate that is regarded as the instance when someone else needs to be sent to work on the items under the hood. Usually, the sublet includes air conditioner recharging and 4-wheel alignments once the suspension is damaged. Some operations need equipment and space which are not cost effective for a particular shop. However, with the latest in technology these days, there are a few shops that can already offer all the services you need in one place.

Some estimates will also include small charges such as hazardous waste removal which is done once a month, as well as car cover for overspray where paper, tape and plastic should be paid for as they cover the vehicle during the painting process to make sure that spray paint will not go over the windows or adjustment panels.