The Most Common Car Repairs

Going to car repair shops is a very common experience nowadays. It is already a routine and an unavoidable part of owning a car. But what are the most common repairs requested in auto repair shops and car service centers?

First on the list are oil changes. These are generally done after every several thousand or so miles to ensure optimum engine performance and longer engine life. Since these are commonly done regularly, oil changes are perhaps the most common service requested in auto repair shops.

Next on the list are brake system repairs. Worn or damaged brake pads are the most common among these repairs. They are also the easiest to address. Problems with the brake disc, rotor, or drum, however, could be more expensive. As for brake lines, you have no reason to worry unless these somehow got severed.

Tire repairs are also common. Sometimes only tire patches are required, but repairs naturally could get expensive if you require replacement tires. The most common causes for tire damage are sharp objects coming into contact with the rubber, puncturing the tire, and causing leaks.

Air conditioning system repairs are also increasingly common. While physical damage to the system parts is common, sometimes debris could also get sucked into the system. This reduces the efficiency of the air conditioning system.

Repairs on the cooling system (which is different from the air conditioning for your car’s interior) are also quite common. These involve, for example, issues with the radiator. Some more common repairs under this category include replacing engine coolant and coolant temperature sensors. Not maintaining the cooling system will cause overheating and damage to other parts of the car’s engine.

Fuel system repairs also fall under the most common repairs requested by car owners. Clogging is a prevalent issue especially for those who usually run on less than a quarter of the fuel tank. Fuel filters are also regularly replaced, adding to the demand for fuel system-related repairs.

Ignition system issues are also causes for car repairs. In this category, issues usually involve problems with the battery and the starter. Similar to tire repairs, battery repairs are quite inexpensive unless you have to go for a full replacement.

Another common repair area is the exhaust system. These are among the most expensive repairs you might require. Minor issues include muffler repair or replacement and leak repairs. The same is true with electrical system repairs especially for cars that have blown fuses as well as flooded cars requiring extensive repair work.

Last on the list are transmission repairs. Transmission repairs, while common, are also among the most expensive. These usually involve delayed engagement when shifting gears, oil leaks, and slipping or when the engine revs but the car does not move.

Note, however, that the common car problems and repairs listed above could be avoided or at least reduced in severity with proper car care. If you are a car owner, the list should also help you determine which repairs to expect sometime in the future. In the meantime, make sure you take care of your car well and that you have some preventive maintenance done once in a while.